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Appearing in "This Strange Unpleasant Land (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "This Strange Unpleasant Land (Part 2)"

As the Extinction Team sits alone in Utopia’s conference room, Magneto decides to go against Cyclops’s orders and attack Mister Sinister.

At Sinister London, the Phoenix Five continue their fight against Sinister’s clone army. During a mental assembly, Cyclops coordinates the attack, ordering the others to attack Sinister’s creation engines. Sinister is aware of their strategy, however, and reveals his secret weapon: a massive Krakoa clone with Sinister’s castle on its back.

Colossus enlarges himself to fight hand-to-hand with the Krakoa clone, but suddenly, multiple Gambit clones fall from the castle and attack him, exploding on contact. Magik teleports the Gambit clones into Sinister’s castle, sabotaging its defense cannon.

Angry, Namor tears into the castle and encounters Sinister. However, the Madelyne clones defeat him. One by one, the Madelyne clones defeat and capture the Phoenix Five.

Meanwhile, the Extinction Team arrive at Sinister London.

To be continued…

Solicit Synopsis


  • We can’t say much or we spoil the event of the summer!
  • The X-Men move against the forces of SINISTER!

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