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Quote1.png You didn't try to understand me. You only tried to master me. You built your machines of things you learned and boserved... and thought it would be sufficient. But the Phoenix is the new. It is novelty in its rawest state. The unprecedented. You cannot predict or chain it with mere science. Quote2.png
Phoenix Five

Appearing in "This Strange Unpleasant Land (Part 3)"

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  • Edward Elgar (Mentioned)
  • Nimrod (Mentioned)

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Synopsis for "This Strange Unpleasant Land (Part 3)"

The Extinction Team infiltrates Sinister London, with Psylocke creating psionic projections of the team to fool the Sabretooth Hounds. Meanwhile, Sinister Prime has imprisoned the Phoenix Five in special energy spheres generated by the Madelyne Pryor clones.

Danger receives a call from Unit, and reluctantly accepts his help in stopping Sinister. She tells the team that while she is a psychic blank, she is no infiltration expert. Psylocke volunteers for the job, and Danger transforms into a suit for Psylocke to wear while the two enter Sinister's castle.

Magneto and Storm engage the Sinister army in direct combat. Suddenly, one of the Madelyne Pryor clones enters the fray, having channeled the Phoenix's power. Although Magneto sprays her with Phalanx material, Madelyne quickly breaks his helmet and holds him under her sway. She commands Magneto to attack Psylocke and Danger, however, Psylocke knocks Magneto out while Danger infiltrates the castle.

Danger asks Unit to analyze Sinister's machinery, but when he does so, Unit is so shocked by how advanced Sinister's technology is that he states the X-Men cannot hope to defeat him. Sinister spots Danger, who quickly recovers her teammates and tries to escape; not seeing her as a threat, Sinister allows her to escape.

Emma takes advantage of Sinister's distraction to talk with the Phoenix. While the Phoenix is at first indifferent by its capture at Sinister's hands, Emma convinces it to fight. The Phoenix Five's power increases so much that it completely incinerates the Madelyne Pryor clones. Enraged by Sinister's attempt to control them, the Phoenix Five destroy him and his clones, incinerating his entire city.

The Extinction Team escapes to the surface, where Cyclops meets up with them. With Sinister defeated, the world - and more importantly, their world - is safe.

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