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Quote1.png I knew if I offered to take the Juggernaut energies, you would become Cyttorak's avatar in my place. You would let yourself be possessed. And then you'd know what damnation feels like. How it curls in your guts. How it changes you. How it leaves you. Who it leaves you. I had to show you. I had to make you finally see. There are no snowflakes in hell (...) I knew you would eventually you'd understand (...) Think about it, brother. Think of what I've given you. Regret. My final gift. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

Cyclops and Emma Frost have a psychic dinner and conversation while their bodies fight against the combined force of Avengers and X-Men, with Cyclops noticing how she is losing touch of her humanity, and she notices the same about him.

Meanwhile, Colossus and Magik escape captivity. While Piotr expresses guilt over the things he did and things he wished he had done, Illyana tells her brother that she succeeded in corrupting his soul, so as to make Colossus feel the same way she did.

Kate Kildare thinks about how or if she should justify the Phoenix Five's actions. After Emma confesses having a psychic affair with Namor and inciting him to attack Wakanda, Cyclops proposes a toast in their minds; however, his body attacks Emma's, taking her share of the Phoenix and becoming the Dark Phoenix.

Solicit Synopsis

AVX TIE-INS! Cyclops and Emma have supreme power and it threatens to tear them apart.

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