Quote1 You haven't understood at all. You can't kill me. There is no "me." Sinister is a system. Sinister is a species. Everything is Sinister. And if you're not Sinister, your time is over. Quote2
-- Mister Sinister

Appearing in "Everything Is Sinister! (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Everything Is Sinister! (Part 2)"

The X-Men fight an army of Sinisters in Sinister's "World-Fair." Suddenly, Brand contacts Cyclops, telling him that they have Celestial problem. Cyclops tells her that it's about Siniester and the Dreaming Celestial's head, but Brand reveals that it's not about that. She tells Cyclops that the rest of the Celestials are going to Earth. Suddenly, a Sinister soldier tells Cyclops that His Majesty Sinister wants to see the X-Men in the rotunda to suggest an armistice due to the arrival of the Celestials. Emma tells Cyclops that it's a trap, and Cyclops agrees but it is also a ceasefire because it gives them time to evacuate the city.

As they proceed to the rotunda, Cyclops suggests to Emma that she should return to Utopia since she has lost her left arm, but Emma says she will be fine as long as she is in her diamond form. She also suggests that Colossus keeps his Juggernaut helmet on in case Sinister attempts a telepathic attack on them. The X-Men meet up with Sinister, who casually greets them. However, Scott bluntly asks Sinister about his intentions. Sinister explains that when he was a boy, he wanted to make a heaven on Earth, and when he became Sinister, he suddenly came up with the plan to do so. Using the Celestial, he could create clones of himself. Those clones would then create a perfect world, or at least the closest thing there is to a perfect world.

Cyclops informs Sinister about the Celestials, but Sinister replies that the Celestial are not of his concern. Storm also assumes that the reason Sinister brought them for a meeting was just an excuse to gloat, which Sinister confirms. Then, he uses his hive mind powers to telepathically control the X-Men. Under Sinister's control, Cyclops strips Colossus of his helmet, allow Sinister to control him. Then, the Sinisters blast Danger to pieces, and Emma tries to escape. Hope mimics Emma's diamond form and Magik's teleportation to escape. Emma is surrounded by the Sinisters. Just as the main Sinister continues his gloating, Hope shoots him in the head, having teleported to a safe distance.

With the main SInister down, the X-Men regain their senses and continue the battle. However, another Siniester reveals that all the Sinisters are the same intelligence and there is not a single Sinister controlling them.

Solicit Synopsis

After the Schism, UNCANNY X-MEN starts over at #1. What is to become of Cyclops and the mutants who side with Cyclops after the big split? And what does it have to do with the resurrected Mister Sinister? The hottest new writer in the business, Kieron Gillen (THOR) and superstar Carlos Pacheco (X-MEN: SCHISM, ULTIMATE AVENGERS) bring you the biggest and baddest X-Men you’ve ever seen.

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I'm not too big a Celestial fan, but Sinister is my all time favorite villain. So needless to say, I was happy with this issue.

Uncanny X-Men Vol 2 2

So even though he's been given somewhat of a 'makeover', he's still at his roots. Still cleverly planning and deliciously evil. And it seems he's even more powerful now, so that's a plus. This 'everything Sinister' thing is a bit weird, but whatever.

I'm already falling in love with Cyclops' team. Glad I chose his side. You've got the heavy hitters like Magneto, Storm, Namor, and Colossus, the helpful few to have like Emma Frost, Hope, and Danger, and the token teleporter Magik. I like it. Well, I'm not the biggest Danger fan so it was nice to see her be blown up this issue..

I liked Hope's comment about Sinister: "what idiot puts a target on his forhead?" Of course, he used to have one right smack on his chest too.. But I thought it was cool that Sinister can't really be killed now. He doesn't even bother trying to stop those who kill him either. He's just like "I'm getting shot now. Ho, hum" (more or less).

And Namor questioned the "X" of the X-Men too. I liked that quote as well. In other news, I'm not really sure why no one's mentioned Emma's arm yet. I's gone and they're just like "Ho, hum" (more or less). lol!

So this was a quick review, but whatever. I did enjoy the book quite a bit so I'll give it a 4.5 out of 5. I don't like Celestials..but that's really it. The art was fantastic and I love the characters and the story was pretty good, so yeah. Team Cyclops.

--Johnnybravo44 01:47, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
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