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Quote1.png You are nothing but a man. And you are a foolish man. I have been listening carefully as I reconstructed myself. You must know I believe in rehabilitation. But, by your own lengthy testimony, it is clear you have made yourself criminal on a genetic level. You are a weed in life's garden. You will be pruned. Welcome to the Danger Room. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

The battle between the Extinction Team and the army of Sinisters continues. Hope uses her telepathy to protect Cyclops’s squad from Sinister’s psychic powers. Suddenly, Sinister drags hope into the astral realm. There, Sinister tells Hope about the conflict between nature and nuture, and says that her nature is also the missing piece of her nature. That missing piece is only one word: “Phoenix.” Angry, Hope teleports to Sinister’s palace and shoots the Sinister in the throne. However, Sinister transfers his mind to another body and his army subdues the Extinction Team.

Suddenly, Danger manifests the Danger Room inside Sinister’s palace and destroys all the Sinister inside, saving the Extinction Team. They leave the palace, only to find more Sinisters. Emma tells Namor to hold her arm, to which Namor believes to be a sign of affection, but Emma replies that it is just to keep pressure on her wound. Then, Emma uses her telepathy to channel the power of the Dreaming Celestial’s head, dissipating the Sinisters.

Suddenly, the original Sinister appears before them. Emma tries to use her telepathy on him again, but Sinister proves to be immune to her powers, having used his connection to Cyclops’s brain and the army of Sinisters to gather data about the X-Men and their powers. Then, Sinister steals the Palace of Fine Arts, saying that even without the Celestial’s head, it serves as a headquarters. Telling the X-Men they will meet each other again, Sinister grabs his gun and shoots himself in the head.

With Sinister gone, the Celestial’s head returns to the body, and Magneto breaks his connection to the Celestial. Magik teleports the X-Men to Magneto’s position and witness as the Celestials arrive at San Francisco. The X-Men walk towards the Celestials and Cyclops says that Earth is under the X-Men’s protection. He also says that since the Dreaming Celestial is on Earth, he is under the X-Men’s protection too, and if he is in danger, they will save him again. Hope, shining with a soft fire aura, says that what Cyclops is trying to say is that the Celestials should leave.

Suddenly, the Dreaming Celestial lifts his arm and points towards the sky, and the Celestials leave Earth.

The X-Men realize that the people of San Franciso witnessed everything that happened. Noting that they are petrified of the X-Men, Cyclops says that as long as the X-Men exist, they will not dare to touch a mutant. Emma asks if that means that their ascension into Earth’s premiere superteam is inevitable, and Cyclops replies that if it was inevitable, they wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Solicit Synopsis

Mr. Sinister’s tampering with the Golden Celestial has summoned the immortal Space Gods to earth, to render judgment upon all mankind. If the X-Men we’re looking for a chance to prove that they are earth’s mightiest heroes, HERE. IT.IS!

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