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Synopsis for "Tabula Rasa (Part 3)"

The X-Men and the Savage race to the Apex's palace to stop the Immortal Man. Cyclops asks Storm what happened to the other teams, and Storm replies that Colossus is pursuing some local predators that took Magik underground while Namor and Hope are still in the river. The Savage replies that they will have to continue without them. When Storm asks the Savage how they should call him, the Savage, in a display of humor, requests to be called "Good Apex."

The X-Men and Good Apex enter the palace and find a large crystal, which the Good Apex describes as a collector of celestial energies the Apex had used to maintain their society. However, the Immortal Man has modified the collector and the Good Apex no longer knows its functions.

They continue traveling through the palace and find the Immortal Man. The Good Apex tries to reason with the Immortal Man, but the Immortal Man refuses to stand down, saying that the bodies of their kind were desecrated by the natives of the land and he will not tolerate that injustice. The Good Apex tells him that he cannot punish unknowing creatures and whatever he does will kill them all, but the Immortal Man replies that when their species is restored, he will asks their kin if what they did was right and he will accept punishment.

Seeing how much his friend has fallen, the Good Apex runs towards the energy collector, but the Immortal Man attacks him. The X-Men defend the Good Apex and fight the Immortal Man.

The Good Apex arrives at the energy collector, but Danger tries to stop him, as the celestial energies will kill him. The Good Apex replies that his sacrifice is irrelevant as long as all life on Tabula Rasa is safe, so Danger becomes a protective suit the Good Apex can use to reach the energy collector.

The Immortal Man attacks the Good Apex, saying that he is betraying their species. The Good Apex manages to vent all celestial energy, causing it to disperse across the island. Gathering it all once again will be an extremely difficult task, even for the Immortal Man.

The Good Apex asks his friend to stop his campaign, but the Immortal Man refuses and concentrates all energy on his suit, planning to cause an explosion that will kill anyone in Tabula Rasa. Storm tells the Immortal Man that the explosion will also destroy the palace, effectively destroy all that remains of the Apex. Broken, the Immortal Man disappears.

The X-Men regroup and asks the Good Apex if the Immortal Man is gone. The Good Apex replies that the Immortal Man retreated to plan his next move. He also says that they must stop him, or every living thing in Tabula Rasa will be dead.

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• TABULA RASA Part 3. The secrets of the evolutionary jungle are revealed, as the X-Men face the Immortal Man, with the help of a brand new ally!

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