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Appearing in "Tabula Rasa (Part 4)"

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  • Immortal Man (Mentioned)
  • Tabula Rasa's butterfly-like creatures (Death)

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Synopsis for "Tabula Rasa (Part 4)"

Cyclops asks "Good Apex" how Tabula Rasa is in danger if the Immortal Man retreated. Good Apex replies that the sun is the cause; since the people of Tabula Rasa developed with slow light or no light at all, the sun's full light will cause irreversible cellular damage to all life in Tabula Rasa. Cyclops compares the situation to cancer. Storm summons clouds to cover the sun while Cyclops calls the other X-Men and requests a situation report.

Namor and Hope are still in Tabula Rasa's river, hoping to make peace with the river creatures. Entering the Queen's chamber, Namor kneels in front of the Queen, saying that they come in peace. Hope tells Namor that the creatures do not understand English, but the Queen leads Namor to another chamber, as she wants to speak to him in private.

In Tabula Rasa's underground caves, Colossus continues the search for Magik. He finds her surrounded by underground creatures and prepares to fight.

After a while, Namor and the River Queen return to Hope, and Namor tells her that the negotiations have been successful. Hope asks how did he reason with the Queen, and Namor replies that he speaks a tone that all understand, and then he and the Queen share a kiss, much to Hope's disgust ("Ick ick ick!"). Then, Namor and Hope go to regroup with Cyclops.

Magik awakens and finds her kidnappers defeated and her brother collapsing to the power of Cyttorak. Magik urges Colossues to fight Cyttorak's influence and uses her powers to restore him to normal. Then, she reports to Cyclops, saying that she and her brother are fine.

Afterwards, the X-Men manage to evacuate the civillians from Tabula Rasa. When a police officer asks Cyclops about their families, Psylocke replies that when Tabula Rasa grew, the people responsible cleared the area with a nuclear device. When the officer asks Psylocke why did they not stop them, Psylocke sadly replies that the X-Men were not there and she is very sorry for what happened.

Cyclops asks what will they do know, and Good Apex replies that they should follow the Tabula Rasa natives's example: rebuild. Even after the Immortal Man destroyed their village, the natives rebuild their culture and move on with their lives.

Afterwards, a joint effort between S.H.I.E.L.D., S.W.O.R.D. and the X-Men builds a giant dome surrounding Tabula Rasa, with trained patrols to guard it. At the center of Tabula Rasa, a monument has been built in honor of the people that died during Tabula Rasa's birth. Although authorities have been trying to find the people responsible for Tabula Rasa's appearance, so far there are no results.

Namor and Hope oversee the construction and talk about what happened. Hope replies that she enjoyed her adventure with him, and Namor gives her permission to visit Atlantis whenever she wishes. When Hope propositions him, Namor replies that she is too young, and a redhead ("Ick ick ick!").

In Utopia, Emma has her arm reattached by a surgery machine through molecular bonding while Cyclops and Storm give Good Apex a tour. Good Apex tells Cyclops and Storm that the Immortal Man will continue his plans to rebirth his people and he will continue to stop him. Bidding farewell to the X-Men, Good Apex returns to Tabula Rasa through one of Magik's portals.

At Utopia's gym, Psylocke works out while Magneto watches. Magneto is surprised that Psylocke did not thank him for keeping her secret, and Psylocke replies that she did not know what to do, as he has covered X-Force's existence secret. Magneto replies that he would have done it anyway, even without his debt to X-Force, saying that they are all on the same side. When Psylocke asks which side, Magneto says that she knows and leaves. Psylocke leaves as well, saying that she wishes she didn't knew.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Conclusion Of Tabula Rasa! • Namor Does The Unthinkable To Save The Day.

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