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Quote1.png A mutant in the flesh! And, even better, a very special mutant. I do believe we have lots to talk about. Quote2.png
Unit to Hope Summers

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Danger watches as Illyana sits on her cell at the X-Brig. She reflects on all the precautions the X-Men have to take to prevent Illyana from misusing her powers. Piotr comes to see Illyana, and as the Rasputin siblings stare at each other through the cell's door, Danger thinks that Illyana has already paid for her offense and that she is not the only one who believes that. Then, Colossus leaves the X-Brig.

At the Hard-Light Training Field, Emma easily defeats a group of Sinister constructs, and Namor comes to see her. When Namor asks how is she feeling about the temporary loss of her arm, Emma replies that she is okay and she appreciates someone is concerned about her.

Meters away, Cyclops has a telepathic conversation with the Cuckoos, asking them if there is any mission for the Extinction Team to undergo. The Cuckoos say "no", and Cyclops replies that they need a big mission.

At the Peak, Unit meditates on his cell. He believes he could escape from the Peak if the station's fuel feeds experienced a catastrophic cascade, tearing the brig away from the Peak. Although that would kill most of the prisoners, he would remain unharmed. However, Unit believes the possibility of his escape to be astronomically low. In that moment, Unit's supposed escape method takes place.

At Utopia's conference room, Colossus wants to talk to Scott and Emma about Illyana, when suddenly, they recieve a call from Abigail Brand, who informs them about the emergency on the Peak.

After Brand's briefing, Magik teleports the Extinction Team to Nevada, and the Extinction Team prepares to fight the aliens. However, Brand has not yet been able to locate Unit.

Unit lands on Canada, greeting a hunter and his son. Although Unit tries to reason with them, the hunter shoots him. Deflecting the bullets, Unit scares off the son so that he be alone with the hunter.

The Extinction Team defeats the aliens in Nevada, and the Avengers meet up with them. Cyclops agrees to an alliance so that they can capture the remaining aliens.

The Extinction Team and the Avengers fight the alien escapees across the world.

At Canada, Unit kills the hunter through a vivisection and then kills the hunter's son with his eye beams.

Celeste Cuckoo detects a new mutant light on Cerebra and tells Hope about it. Hope tells Celeste to get her team and Pixie so that they can go to the new's light location. Cyclops allows Hope to go, and Pixie teleports Hope and her team to the find the new light.

Teleporting to Canada, Hope realizes that there was never a new light and Unit just led them to a trap. Unit uses mind-control on Pixie, using her to incapacitate everyone except Hope. With no mutants around for her to mimic, Hope tries to use her guns on Unit, but Unit is unharmed. Unit is excited that he can have some privacy with a very special mutant.

To be continued...

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• Prison Break! • Featuring The Avengers!

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