Quote1 Our last chance! Okay?! We have nothing left but threats! We fought for them and they hate us! We fought alongside them and they kill our children in the streets! We pack up and move to an island and they destroy it! We move to another one and the $#%&#$% Avengers storm the #$%& beaches! We're supposed to be the next step of human evolution yet we've become an endangered species. We're everything they are not and we're a shadow of our former selves! All we have left is threats. The threat of revolution! The threat of a fight that we hope they don't want! So, yes, I got in front of any camera that would show my face and I looked their world in the eye and told them--They better leave us alone... I stood on the bridge of the Helicarrier and I threatened them... Because nothing. Else. Has. Worked. Xavier is gone. Logan is gone. I watched Xavier die at my feet and I thought if I don't do something to kickstart it... The dream is really, truly dead. Quote2
-- Cyclops

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• CYCLOPS at a crossroads! Magneto…Matthew Malloy…the Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier…AXIS…all of these pivotal events have driven this already tempestuous mutant to the edge of disaster.

• Will Scott Summers save himself from ruin or will he make that fateful leap?!

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