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Quote1.png It's obvious that this fair has too much to see in just one day! We'll have to return tomorrow starting at the Cotton Bowl! Quote2.png
Professor X

Appearing in "Battle at the State Fair of Texas"

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Synopsis for "Battle at the State Fair of Texas"

The X-Men are training in the Danger Room while Professor X and Kitty Pryde look on. The professor ends the session suddenly and calls the group to the control room where he explains that Cerebro has detected a mutant and directs them to find the individual before Magneto does.

Eques attacks Magneto

Magneto finds the mutant Daniel Wiley in Dallas, Texas working in a horse barn at the Texas State Fair. He gains the trust of the young mutant and Wiley reveals that he discovered that he has the power to transform into a centaur. Magneto secretly plans to have Wiley join his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Soon, the X-Men arrive at the fair to search for the mutant, and Xavier eventually detects him while they are at the Cotton Bowl. Magneto realizes that they've been discovered and so flees with Wiley with the X-Men in pursuit. The team corners Magneto and Wiley in a horse barn at the fair and explains that they only want to talk with the young mutant, but Magneto convinces Wiley that the X-Men have attacked them. During the ensuing battle, Magneto throws Colossus into a horse barn causing him to crash into the structure, endangering the safety of the horses inside. Seeing Magneto's reckless disregard for the horses, Wiley realizes that he has been duped him and turns against the villain, defeating him. After the battle, Xavier invites Wiley to join the X-Men, but he declines preferring to stay with his horses in Dallas.


  • This story appears to take place sometime during the period after Kitty Pryde took the codename "Ariel"[1] and before Storm changed her costume and hair to her punk look.[2]
  • This issue's story was plotted by Jim Salicrup and scripted by David Kraft.
  • The issue credits don't list an editor nor editor-in-chief.


  • There is no price listed on the cover as this issue was not for sale, it was given away as complimentary copies by the Dallas Times Herald.[3]

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