The Uncarians come from another dimension called Uncara which exists parallel to Earth on a different vibrational attunement. It is a technologically advanced society that is ruled by a dictator ship. In 1948, their leader Kain had set his sights on invading the planet Earth and so they developed devices that allowed them to partially or totally traverse dimensions. They soon caused a panic all over New York City as they prepared with Prism Bombs to blow up the city and reveled in the chaos their intangible forms caused.

Arthur Blair, son of scientist Professor Blair managed to capture one of the Uncarians who materialized completely on Earth and forced him to reveal the aliens' plot. Travelling to Uncara, Arthur was gravely injured by the Uncarians and returned to Earth to tell his father all he knew before dying. Professor Blair then contacted Sun Girl who agreed to travel to Uncara to stop Kain and his invasion plan. Kain and his men soon tracked down Sun Girl and captured her bringing her to his palace. There Kain's wife Cara became jealous of Sun Girl, believing that Earthling intended to steal her man. Sun Girl convinced her otherwise and learned that Cara had no interest in invading Earth, only having her mate back.

Cara assisted Sun Girl in escaping the palace and Sun Girl then destroyed the Uncarian armory before traversing between dimensions again. Meanwhile, Earth refused surrender and Kain began detonating his Prison Bombs. Before they could all be set off, Sun Girl attacked, destroying the devices that kept the Uncarian invaders between dimensions. They all materialized in New York Harbour where they drowned.

As Sun Girl destroyed all their technology, it would appear that the Uncarians are forever trapped in Uncara as there have been no recorded sightings since.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Apparently Uncarians are unable to swim.


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: Dictatorship
Level of Technology: Advanced. The Uncarians have developed devices that allow them to travel between dimensions either partially (causing them to be intangible on both worlds) or all the way between Uncara and Earth. They also have advanced weaponry, including so-called "Prism Bombs" giant prisms that explode with massive concussive force capable of demolishing buildings and bridges.
Representatives: Kain (Decased), Cara

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