Under York
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Under York
Under York City
City of Under York
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Under York
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Located deep within the Earth directly under New York City itself, Under York City is a structurally identical cityscape matching New York City from the 1940s due to their interaction with surface dwellers. However, following Under York's shift to a dictatorship, they became isolated and alienated from the surface world which bypassed them in terms of cultural growth and technological advancement.


20th Century

During the 1940s, Under York was a developing metropolis with ideas and culture being shared into it by superheroes from New York City over the course of a generation. From this sharing of ideas and culture, Under York was a thriving metropolis, until a change in leadership led to an increase in xenophobia and isolationism.[1]

Modern Era

Spider-Man was led by the Rumor to venture into Under York after beginning an investigation into a missing neighbor, Leilani, after her abduction by her father the Mayor of Under York, Hale Carrick.[1]

Points of Interest

The city of Under York is topographically identical to the surface world's New York City.


  • Empire State Building - Under York built and owns the original version of the building, which was then replicated in New York.


  • The Daily Sousaphone - A newspaper from the 1940s, which reported on the riots that occurred after Under York became a dictatorship.[1]


Hale Carrick, deposed former ruler of Under York. [2]

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