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Princess Nakima and her male consort.

The Underearth Men were a race of underground dwellers, their origins are as yet unknown. In the 20th Century, they were ruled by Princess Nakima. They believed that one day they would rule the surface world, but in order to do it they had to shed their hideous forms. By 1951, they developed a means to transplant their brains into the bodies of the recently deceased and began stealing bodies from a nearby cemetery. They had completed a number of these operations, however Princess Nakima demanded the most beautiful body to have her mind put into. The news of these grave robberies interested Whitney Hammond of Beauty Magazine who sent his editor Venus to investigate.

To this end, Venus had a fake funeral put on and hid herself in the coffin that the Unearth Men then stole. When Venus was taken to their lair, she revealed that she was still alive and they informed her of their plans. Before they could kill her, Venus then convinced them to let her help them scout for bodies. Since this was a difficult process for them, they agreed to allow her to do so. Venus instead set a trap for the Underearth Men, and then tricked them into believing that there was a triple burial that occurred that required their entire clan to go to the surface. Venus then lured them into a nearby cave when they were "spotted". When the sun began to rise, the Underearth Men began to die from the exposure to sun life. Nakima's king tried to flee back to his lair since his human form was more resistant to the sun. However, when he arrived he found that the authorities had covered it over and he too eventually died from exposure to the sun.[1]

It is unknown if there are any surviving members of the Underearth Men.

Powers and Abilities


The Underearth Men were vulnerable to sunlight, prolonged exposure to light would kill them.


Habitat: Subterranean Earth standard
Gravity: Earth standard
Atmosphere: Earth standard


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: While they appeared to be primitive, the Underearth Men apparently had the technology to facilitate a full brain transplant and the ability to reanimate the bodies of the recently deceased, so long as there is a living brain transplanted into it.
Representatives: Princess Nakima and her male consort

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