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The Underground is a gang which used technology known as "programmable matter" to quickly take over in the power vacuum left both by Wilson Fisk's arrest and by the defeat of Mister Negative's gang, the Demons, which the Underground seemingly had a hand in finishing off after Negative's defeat at the hands of the original Spider-Man.

The Underground quickly rose into the public eye when power-hungry energy corporation Roxxon did, and the gang seemingly targeted its CEO Simon Krieger most of all, with one of the gang's leaders, the Tinkerer indicting him as a murderer and a killer. The gang continuously tried to steal Roxxon's new energy source, Nuform, for an unknown reason, but were frequently stopped by a new Spider-Man who had shown up in the last year.

The gang was eventually defeated after Spider-Man managed to thwart the Tinkerer's plan to use unstable Nuform to blow up Roxxon's Nuform reactor, which would have vaporized most of Harlem, though this was not known to the gang at the time. This event ended with the Tinkerer's death when she sacrificed herself to stop the explosion.[1]



Programmable Matter Weapons: Phin Mason, who became known as the Tinkerer, created weapons of a seemingly computerized nanomaterial which could form into any weapon needed by the gang, such as swords, guns, shields, armor, stun batons, etc.

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