The origin of the Undersea Titans is unknown, they claim that they live in the depths of the Earth's oceans. They became interested in the surface world in 1951 and sent expeditions to see what the surface was like. Titans appeared in New York City, London, Paris, Rio De Janeiro and Russia. However, as they were out of water for a prolonged period of time, they soon dried out and became inert statues. Their appearance during on the surface world during the Cold War inflamed paranoid among the people and caused world leaders to accuse enemy nations of being involved with the Titans.

Another Undersea Titan, this one named Aquaria, member of the royal tribe, was sent to the surface to find his missing comrades. Rising out of New York Harbor, he confronted the Olympian love goddess Venus. Aquaria demanded that she reveal the location of his missing comrades but he too fell inert just like his fellows. Venus then informed the authorities who then considered the Undersea Titans a threat and attempted to bomb them. The weapons had no effect and when it suddenly started to rain, the creatures were reanimated. They then decimated New York City in revenge for the unprovoked attacks. The Air Force was called in, but their missiles had no effect.

Aquaria tracked down Venus and threatened to destroy her. However the rain began to stop, and the Undersea Titans then retreated, vowing that they would return someday to destroy the surface dwellers.[1]

To date, the Undersea Titans have not been seen since, and their present fate is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Average Strength level

Due to their gigantic size, the Undersea Titans are highly durable and strong. This adaptation allows them to live in the oceans depths. They are also immune to explosives.


The Undersea Titans require moisture all over their bodies. When the majority of the moisture in their system evaporates they become inert and statue like. Soaking them in sufficient amounts of water will restore them to normal.


Habitat: Undersea
Gravity: Earth standard.
Atmosphere: Undersea Titans are amphibious and can breath oxygen in open air or under water.


Type of Government: Tribal monarch
Level of Technology: Although the creatures are seemingly intelligent, they do not appear to have any sort of technological advances.
Representatives: Aquaria

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