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The Underspace is a dimension located below the Microverse that is the polar opposite of the Overspace. It is where Hank Pym built a new headquarters for his Avengers team, the Infinite Avengers Mansion.[1]


Losing her will to live for being betrayed by both her father (the Collector) and her lover (Michael Korvac), Carina hid in the Underspace and let her consciousness drift away from her body, which had taken a pure energy form to heal itself after she committed suicide. While searching for his then believed dead ex-wife (Janet Van Dyne) in the Underspace, Hank Pym found Carina as a blank slate and thought she was Janet. He consequently transmitted Jan's memories into Carina's mind, making Carina's energy form resemble Janet.[2] Pym later built the Infinite Avengers Mansion to act as a harness, helping her keep her shape and preventing her from dissipating, and ten billion Jocastas to act like the ten billion neurons in any human body, reinforcing Janet's brain wave pattern.[3]

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