This reconnaisance device was developed by Doctor Doom for purposes of underwater espionage. It looked like a common fish, to the point of it being able to fool the Sub-Mariner's sensorial powers,[1] but it included cameras and microphones to stream video and sound directly to Doom's monitors at Castle Doom.[2] It could be launched through air using a rocket-like system, and it would follow specific targets underwater.[1]

At one point, when the Sub-Mariner rejected Doom's alliance proposal and escaped to the sea, Doom sent the Spy after the Sub-Mariner.[1] It was Doom's purpose to wait until the Sub-Mariner would be in trouble, and then use the oportunity to help him. The Sub-Mariner went to the Hydrobase research, where some of his human friends had been captured by several enemies of him; Namor himself was captured by his enemies, with Doom monitoring the events from the Underwater Spy. One of the enemies, Tiger Shark, discovered the Spy, clearly seeing that it was not a fish. Shark smashed it in his hand but, while he and his cronies understood it was a security device, they were unable to discover it belonged to Doom.[2]

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