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Synopsis for "Underworld Part 4"

Being taken to the Mechanic, but the Mechanic's restrictor coils, Jackie Dio is given shown that his sun glasses have more functions than just allowing him to see better: they can also auto target, and see in inferred as well as point out the weaknesses in his targets. Arming Jackie with guns that work with the sunglasses, allowing him to hit his target no matter where he shoots from and armed with Adamantium bullets, Jackie decides to go for a rematch against Grizzly and Boomerang.

Tracking them down to a gym in Brooklyn, Jackie battles the two crooks and is able to seriously injure both of them, before he is attacked by the Punisher. The two battle hand to hand until the police arrive, allowing Frank to shoot Jackie at point blank range before escaping arrest. Jackie comes around in a prison hospital to the Doctor injecting him with a healing factor serum that allows him to survive his fatal gunshot wounds. The Doctor tells him he's going to need it as Mr. Pain has dispatched all the Owl's super-powered thugs to come to the prison to kill him.

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