The Undying Ones were a race of demons that used to live in the Himalayas. they formerly controlled Earth under the rule of the Nameless One. They were discovered by Kenneth Ward who found statues representing the Undying Ones on an expedition.

Ward asked Dr. Strange for aid after he had translated an inscription on the statues which made him fear for humanity[1]. Their invasion was stopped by Strange and Namor[2]. Later, they were briefly taken over by the Dark Crawler before being taken over by a second demon with the title Nameless One. The Undying Ones were attacked by a mystically enhanced Wolverine. Many of the Undying Ones were killed in the battle along with their ruler, the second Nameless One. The first Nameless One once again took leadership of the Undying Ones and led them on another failed invasion of Earth.

Powers and Abilities


Varies but often have super strength and limited magic abilities. some have shown the ability to shapeshift into human form

Average Strength level

Unknown but stronger than humans

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