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Origins and early years[]

At the time Earth's oceans were still burning like fire, the Undying Ones, demons spawned in another dimension, opened a portal and invaded the planet.

For ages, they held sway and monitored the planet, under the rule of the Nameless One, including early Man, using their mystic powers to kill cavemen.[1] Other elder races claimed rulership of Earth, vying with each other. Such races included the Deviants, other empires, demonic races such as the Undying Ones or the N'Garai, or other Elderspawn (descendents of the Elder Gods), such as the Serpent-Men, the Harpies, the Spider-People, or the Wolf-Men.[2] Another ancient race having ruled Earth eons past worshiped the Dark Gods, who might have been the Undying Ones.[3][4]

They carved (or had others do it) weird geometric forms in what is a valley in the Himalayas, and had three demons, "Creatures of the Night" guard over the Idol of the Nameless One,[5] a gateway between the worlds of demons and men.

They were present allegedly in each pagan ceremony and heathen ritual, and it is said that men sold their souls for power.

Then, a thousand years ago, their powers waned. To replenish them, the Undying returned to their world for a thousand years. They persisted as legends (including the mention of the idol), and those who were suspected of worshiping them were arrested without more motive than their accusation.[1]
The Undying Ones' powers waning and them fleeing was mentioned in the Necronomicon[6] (though that event was stated to occur 1000 years ago, and the Necronomicon was written earlier, during the 8th century).

Modern Age[]

They were discovered by Kenneth Ward who found statues representing the Undying Ones on an expedition.

Ward asked Dr. Strange for aid after he had translated an inscription on the statues which made him fear for humanity.[5] Their invasion was stopped by Strange and Namor.[1]

Later, they were briefly taken over by the Dark Crawler,[citation needed] before being taken over by a second demon with the title Nameless One. The Undying Ones were attacked by a mystically enhanced Wolverine.[citation needed]

Many of the Undying Ones were killed in the battle along with their ruler, the second Nameless One. The first Nameless One once again took leadership of the Undying Ones and led them on another failed invasion of Earth.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Varies but often have super strength and limited magic abilities. some have shown the ability to shapeshift into human form

Average Strength Level

Unknown but stronger than humans



The Dark Gods worshiped by Psyklop are unidentified, and might be Undying Ones.[3]


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