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The Unforgotten Stone is a cursed artifact said to contain the malice, power, and possibly souls of Great Old Ones vanquished in an ancient war against the first Atlanteans.[1]

For ages, the location of the Unforgotten Stone was lost to time, but in the 1930s its location was discovered by the Swift Tide - an elite squad of warrior-women from various sea peoples. To prevent the Unforgotten Stone from falling into the hands of the humans, the Atlantean Empire and the chieftain of the Chasm People dispatched the Swift Tide to retrieve it; accompanied by Prince Namor of Atlantis, Prince Attuma of the Chasm People, and Lady Dorma of Atlantis.[2]

In the meantime, the Unforgotten Stone was discovered off the coast of the Russian city of Murmansk. Recognizing it as an object of great supernatural power, the Soviet officials contacted the Thule Society and Baron Karl Mordo to determine what it was. As Mordo and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker argued over whether to dredge it up, the Soviet scientists examining the Unforgotten Stone bombarded it with X-rays in an attempt to scan its interior.

This activated the Unforgotten Stone and unleashed the eldritch darkness that had been imprisoned inside it. Consuming several of the scientists and soldiers stationed at Murmansk, the power of the Unforgotten Stone engulfed and corrupted the Swift Tide, mutating them into bloodthirsty monsters that became known as the Black Tide.[1]

The giant goldfish Ambrose, loyal pet of Lady Dorma, attempted to retrieve the Unforgotten Stone and was mutated by its power but not corrupted, lacking an inner darkness for it to exploit.[3] As the Black Tide were poised to slaughter the city of Atlantis, Ambrose returned with the Unforgotten Stone. Dorma channelled the Unforgotten Stone's power and used it to seal the Black Tide in mystical ice, but was briefly mutated into a monster before Ambrose consumed the eldritch darkness from her, Namor, and Attuma. Following this, the Unforgotten Stone was once again sealed away.[3]

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