When Ape-Man, Cat-Man and Bird-Man, three former member of the Organizer's Ani-Men, escaped from prison, they started working for the Exterminator. They managed to banish Daredevil to another dimension called the void using the Exterminator's ray gun[1], but Daredevil eventually managed to return to our dimension and defeat the group. They also fought Daredevil and Spider-Man, who interfered with a crime spree they were engaged in[2].

The original Three eventually returned to the Ani-Men and were apparently killed, but were later replaced by a new trio apparently organized by the Death Stalker. The second group are also now deceased, the second Ape-Man and Cat-Man murdered by the Death Stalker, and the second Bird-Man executed some time later by the vigilante known as the Scourge, though he has since been resurrected by the Hood.

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