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Around 500,000 years ago[4] the Eternal Kronos managed to isolate the cosmic energy that empowered the Eternals, but the volatile containment tube shattered and exploded. The explosion transformed Kronos into a cosmic entity, but also killed all the other Eternals.[5][6]

Uni-Mind (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 248 0001

After being reborn in the Activation Chamber[6] the Eternals discovered that Kronos' experiment had increased their powers.[7] With their new abilities, the Eternals then discovered they could join their will and intelligence into one powerful entity, which they called the Uni-Mind.[8]

Having no race or gender, the Uni-Mind was made of light, mind, and pure energy, and other species, such as humans, could join safe from harm.[1] The Prime Eternal is, normally, the only one able to summon the ritual of the Uni-Mind, determined either by heirdom or by combat in the Hall of Eternal Judgment.[9][10]

When Makkari, Thena, Sersi, and Druig were reduced to human form and attacked at a party, a minor Uni-Mind subconsciously linked them enough to begin reactivating their Eternal abilities.[11]

Uni-Mind (Earth-616) from Eternals Vol 5 7 001

The election of Thanos.

After Phastos revealed to his fellow Eternals that every one of their resurrections cost the life of a human being, Zuras assembled a Uni-Mind. While he assumed his re-election as Prime Eternal , he found himself outmaneuvered by Druig, who brought Thanos into the Uni-Mind and managed assemble a significant voting block in his favor. Thanos was elected Prime Eternals, and upon leaving the Uni-Mind, killed both Zuras and Druig.[2]

Judgment Day[]

Druig, elected Prime Eternal after the defeat of Thanos, elected to start a war to cement his leadership. Deciding to attack the mutants of Krakoa, Druig had half his forced assume the Uni-Mind, in order to occupy the numerous and powerful mutant psychics.[12] After the Progenitor was resurrected and began to judge the occupants of Earth, Druig's enemies – lead by Sersi – sprung Eros from the Exclusion.[13] By this time, Druig had released the Hex, six powerful Eternals. Deciding to form another Uni-Mind, this time with all Eternals, Druig unleashed a "warform" of the Uni-Mind to menace the mutants. However, this was just what his opponents had counted on. Ikaris and Gilgamesh had disabled the psychic firewalls of the Uni-Mind, allowed the mutant psychics to infiltrate it. This allowed them to swing the vote, and successfully elect Eros as Prime Eternal.[14]



The Uni-Mind possesses tremendous psychic powers, greater than the sum of its parts.

According to Uranos, the Uni-Mind possesses the ability to assume "warforms", dangerous beyond the usual incarnation. The participation of the six war-Eternals known as the Hex is required.[14]


If one of the Eternal Patriarchs (Uranos, Kronos, and Oceanus) joins the Uni-Mind, they can assume direct control of the entity, no matter how many of the lesser Eternals are opposed to their will.[14]


  • Eternals (Vol. 3) presented many inconsistencies and retcons regarding many aspects of the Eternals, including the Uni-Mind. Eternals (Vol. 4) #9 confirmed that a Uni-Mind could be created with only three Eternals.

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