The Power Horn can destroy any obstacle and raise objects magnetically, regardless of their weight, making the Unicorn the world's greatest fighting machine. Possibly, its greatest power is to throw a radiating energy shield around its bearer, strong enough to protect him from the explosive force of a thousand tons of T.N.T.[1].
Once exposed to the Hyper-Activator, the Unicorn terrorized the attendants of a scientific congress in Europe with his new powers, in order to get his hands on a cure for the negative side effects of the treatment, until Iron Man crushed his power-belt and tossed it in the nearby river, making the deranged Unicorn dive after it[2].
Luring the Unicorn to his lab, the Red Ghost then fixed his equipment and restored his powers[3].
After the Red Ghost detonated his lab, the Unicorn charged his horn thanks to Iron Man's armor and managed to escape from the ruined ghost town, teaming up with the golden avenger to follow the Red Ghost and defeat him in Africa[4].

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