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The Unified Guild of New Orleans[1]

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The Unified Guild of New Orleans[1]
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Unified Guild
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Formerly Belladonna, Gambit
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Claude Poitier, Emil Lapin, Fifolet, Genard Alouette, Gris Gris, Harvest Master, Mercy LeBeau, Minister of Tome, Minister of Hoard, Questa, Singer, Tante Mattie, Zoe Ishihara, Gambit
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Formed from the unificiation of the Thieves Guild and the Assassins Guild of New Orleans
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The ancient Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild of New Orleans had been rivals since time immemorial. Yet the lore of both organizations told of a golden age when the two organizations had been one unified guild in an antediluvian realm known only "the old kingdom"... and a prophecied day when the two Guilds would unite. The prophecy specified one being who would bring them together: a being known as "Le Diable Blanc".

As the two organizations were slowly whittled by the pressures of the modern world, they both acquired new leaders: Remy Lebeau became head of the Thieves Guild, while Bella Donna Boudreaux became leader of the Assassins Guild. When the New Son put a contract on Remy Lebeau(as part of a larger scheme), the Assassins Guild vied for the contract. When Lebeau was trapped in a wrecked building with Boudreaux, she admitted the truth - the Assassins had not been part of New Son's plan, and she had used the contract as an excuse to be close to him. With this, the two leaders renewed their marriage (which had been "annulled" years earlier when Bordreaux had been killed by her mad brother). With their leaders united, the two guild formed one organization.

The actions of the Guild are unknown, but Lebeau was ousted as leader of the organization after he spent too much time with the X-Men. The Unified Guild was seemingly shattered, as the Assassins were later seen working on their own.[2]


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