Union Allied Construction LLC
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Official Name
Union Allied Construction LLC
Formerly Wilson Fisk
Former Member(s)
Mr. McClintock, Daniel Fisher, Karen Page, James Wesley, numerous unnamed members
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Union Allied Construction was the company which oversaw the reconstruction of Hell's Kitchen following the damage caused during the Battle for New York. The company also acted as the façade for the illicit activities and money laundering operations of its leader, Wilson Fisk.

After accidentally discovering files on the company's money laundering, Karen Page tried to inform her boss Mr. McClintock, the chief accountant, who laughed it off claiming it was a theoretical model being tested. When Page was trying to inform Daniel Fisher of the legal department about this discovery, she was drugged and framed for the murder of Fisher. They didn't kill her or presented charges because Page had hidden a copy of the files.

Fisk's right hand James Wesley blackmailed a police officer into killing Page on her cell after she was arrested, but he failed and Page was freed from custody by her lawyers Nelson and Murdock. When Page returned to her apartment to recover a USB stick with a copy of the files, she was attacked by a hitman hidden in the apartment. Matt Murdock's vigilante alter-ego rescued Karen and subdued the hitman, subsequently delivering the USB stick to the New York Bulletin for Union Allied's illicit operations to be revealed.

McClintock was forced to take blame for the money laundering alone, and was killed by an overdose of pills before he could testify in order to make it look like a suicide. Karen Page was no longer targeted as everything she knew had already been made public.[1] After the scandal, Union Allied dissolved.[2]

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