Quote1.png You have to admit, a man dressed in the flag makes an excellent martyr. Quote2.png
-- Philip Gavin

Appearing in "London Falling (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "London Falling (Part 4)"

Union Jack and his allies, with the help of some local workers, narrowly defeat an upgraded Dreadnought before it's able to destroy Trafalgar Square, ending R.A.I.D.'s threat in the city. After receiving medical attention back at MI5 headquarters, the group goes its separate ways, with Sabra and the Arabian Knight even developing a grudging respect for each other.

Later, while resting and watching the news at home, Union Jack sees that the director of MI5 is being forced to resign as a result of the R.A.I.D. attack, only to be replaced by Assistant Director Gavin. After some thought, Union Jack has a startling revelation. The next day he returns to MI5 headquarters and confronts Gavin in his office. He states that Gavin had found out about the R.A.I.D. attacks much sooner than he claimed, that he sent the country's other superheroes on pointless missions so they would be unavailable and told Union Jack that American teams like the Avengers and Fantastic Four were not available, which was clearly a lie. He planned to let the attacks happen in order to get what he wanted, to become Director of MI5. Union Jack goes on to claim that the only reason that he was contacted was because MI5 telepaths detected Farouk Al-Fasaud and learned of R.A.I.D.'s plans. Gavin replies to these accusations by threatening to pull MI5 support of the hero. Union Jack then punches him in the face and hauls him in front of a number of news reporters, saying the deaths of over two hundred citizens need to be answered for.

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