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The Union Jacks are a group of soldiers that are biologically engineered to be the perfect fighting force. They are modeled after the legendary line of costumed adventurers who took on the mantle of Union Jack. Each warrior's skin is patterned like the British flag.

These warriors defend the United Kingdom, with an armed guard stationed at Buckingham Palace, home of King Britain. A number of Union Jacks joined Captain America's army against the Skull.

The Union Jacks continue to defend Britain from threats, especially Buckingham Palace. They were present when the Tong of Creel attacked the palace when they came seeking the portion of the Absorbing Man that was left in King Britain's care, and were on guard during the wedding of King Britain and Medusa. They were easily defeated however when Mephisto and the Deviants took over Buckingham Palace seeking to claim Excalibur. Upon the death of Mephisto, they were freed.

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