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Appearing in "The Britannia Project, Part Three: There Shall Come A... Bulldog?"

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Synopsis for "The Britannia Project, Part Three: There Shall Come A... Bulldog?"

In North Wales, a robbery is foiled by The Choir, revealing the strange throat under her scarf, and as she returns to her caravan after leaving the Britannia Project she discovers Doc Croc, someone from her past, waiting for her. Above the Tesco Metro on Manchester Oxford Road, Union Jack sleeps in and again rejects Selwyn James’ instructions via phone. After the MP reminds Jack that he will be made homeless should he not acquiesce, and as he goes to answer the door he is attacked by the diminutive English flag-clad Bulldog. Bulldog would’ve represented England on Britannia’s team, but he “doesn’t play well with others”. Bulldog has taken it upon himself to defeat Union Jack in order to earn a place on the team. The Choir flees her caravan, attempting to use a payphone to get help before it explodes in front of her. In the car with Union Jack, James explains that they’ve lost contact with The Choir. At the crime scene is Detective Inspector Kate Fraser, who is as dismissive of super heroes as Bulldog is the Welsh. Kelpie and Snakes arrive and demonstrate existing bad blood between the pair and Bulldog. Union Jack is surprised that Kelpie and Snakes are there, but Kelpie explains that while they have no intention of working with Jack, The Choir is a friend of theirs who she had called for help before disappearing.

A nearby stray dog attracts Bulldog’s attention, transforming into a butterfly then a lion before introducing itself as Shifter, a supervillain. Wrestling with Snakes as a dolphin and then a gorilla, Shifter lifts Snakes into the air before ripping them in half to reveal Snakes is a collection of snakes in human clothes. Recoiling in fear of the snakes, Shifter takes human form and Selwyn James offers himself as a hostage. Once Shifter has bundled him into a car, James is revealed to be the supervillain The Sponge, the member of Doc Croc’s gang that Shifter replaced. The Sponge absorb’s Shifter’s powers, then executes him with a handgun. Bulldog rips the roof off the car and frees Selwyn, who claims Shifter committed suicide after telling him Doc Croc had kidnapped The Choir. Elsewhere, Doc Croc cuts a flower for his lapel and strokes The Choir’s face, calling her ‘Fy Mlodyn Bach’ (My Little Flower).

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• In the wake of the disastrous Knull invasion, Kelpie takes drastic action...

• ...but when her choices land her in hot water, only Union Jack will be able to save her!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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