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Appearing in "The Britannia Project - part three: There Shall Come A... Bulldog?"

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Synopsis for "The Britannia Project - part three: There Shall Come A... Bulldog?"

After leaving the Britannia Project, The Choir returns to North Wales, only to find someone from her past waiting in her caravan. MP Selwyn James sends Bulldog to collect Union Jack, and the three of them head to Wales to investigate; they are joined by Kelpie and Snakes, who were contacted by The Choir before her abduction. They are attacked by Shifter, whom James convinces to take him hostage.

James gets Shifter alone in the car, where he is able to use his powers to drain Shifter's powers and kill him. Staging it as a suicide, James explains that The Choir has been taken by a criminal named Doc Croc.

Solicit Synopsis


• In the wake of the disastrous Knull invasion, Kelpie takes drastic action...

• ...but when her choices land her in hot water, only Union Jack will be able to save her!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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