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Appearing in "The Britannia Project, Part Four: Doc Croc Strikes Back!"

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Synopsis for "The Britannia Project, Part Four: Doc Croc Strikes Back!"

Thirty years ago, a youthful Britannia fights Doc Croc’s gang, defeating Volcanna, the Combustible Woman but struggling against The Sponge, a new young villain who saps her strength and knocks her to the ground. He raises her own sword to finish her as Doc Croc bellows at him to do it. In the present day, balloons of the four members of the Britannia Project float above the Tower of London as 10 Downing Street introduces the finalised team roster. Steve Darwin appears on camera to talk up his technological contribution, but the broadcast is interrupted by Doc Croc – Doctor Croker Dyle, the “Smartest Man in the Room.” Croc demands the respect he has not previously been shown, and will take it by force if necessary. Within the Tower, Union Jack suggests they delay the launch, but Kelpie and Snakes are only present in an attempt to lure Doc Croc and rescue The Choir. Bulldog draws attention to how much Selwyn James knows about Doc Croc, but is rebuffed.

Darwin’s men are ready and waiting to engage any potential threats, but fall immediately to Doc Croc’s gang of Volcanna, Skreem, Lady Shimmering Lights and the cybernetically enhanced Corgi Craig. Surmising that Croc’s gang must want the jewels from the Tower Keep, the Britannia Project move to engage Doc Croc’s gang individually and are defeated while Union Jack and Darwin head to the Keep. Once inside, Darwin attacks Jack from behind. Meanwhile, having defeated Kelpie, Snakes and Bulldog, Croc’s gang arrive at the door to the Keep and face The Last Beefeater, a martial artist door guard. After Volcanna defeats the Beefeater, Skreem blows the door from its hinges and discovers the unconscious Union Jack. As Doc Croc removes the painting of John Dee, Elizabeth I’s Dark Wizard he reaches for the Empire Stone, the power source that enabled Britain to create history’s largest empire. However, Croc is too late, and Steve Darwin has already claimed the Empire Stone and introduces himself as Emperor.

Solicit Synopsis

Caught in the cries of the Choir!

• With their sonic-powered teammate in trouble, Union Jack and the team must rescue the Choir before it’s too late!

• But what the Union finds out about the Choir may be too much even for them!

• Plus, meet the team’s newest recruit…Bulldog!

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