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Quote1 The United Nations Bannermen. Standard-Bearers of the New Elite! Policing the 21st century! Quote2
-- Security Council's commercial



Inspired by the legacy of Captain America, the United Nations Bannermen were "state-of-the-art hothouse Clone Supersoldier tech" individuals, with brains neuro-imprinted with United Nations directives and three basic personality interaction modes. Additionally they had Adamantium lacing, a rapid methabolism, and a Gamma-enhanced function.

They were the United Nations first-strike option.[1]


When Noh-Varr attacked the United Nations Headquarters in New York as a declaration of war against Earth in retaliation for his comrades' murder, the Security Council asked S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Dugan to authorize their first-strike option, deploying the Bannermen, which he did despite the cost (6 billion for ten minutes, each, equivalent to the national debt of Honduras), asking for Noh-Varr to be captured. Faced to Noh-Varr's Pocket Battlefield and other technology, they were defeated despite using their Gamma function.[1]


Equipment: Adamantium-laced,[1] Steel[citation needed] Shields.
Transportation: Jetpacks[1]
Weapons: Jetpack Rockets.[citation needed]


The name "Bannermen" is seemingly a play on words, the soldiers being both "standard-bearers" of the United Nations, and Gamma-enhanced individuals like Bruce Banner, the first Hulk.

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