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The United States Army seemingly had a similar history as its Earth-616 counterpart.

Cold War

During the Cold War, soldiers were stationed at Nottingham Airfield to stop Carlos Ramirez from stealing nukes. Unfortunately, those soldiers were killed by Ramirez and his compatriots when they broke into the airfield.[1]

Double Lives

Hunting for the Hulk

In affiliation with the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army hunted the Hulk until he was pardoned for defeating Metal Master. When Hulk was framed for the kidnapping of Betty Ross, they again started targeting Hulk. Lex Luthor, the C.E.O. of military contractor LexCorp Incorporated, used the opportunity, to operate the armed forces' Gamma Ray Projector. He went power hungry and kept firing even after its internal alarms went off. Luckily, Hulk was able to destroy it and Superman was able to clear him of the charges, revealing the criminal to be a robot.[2]

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