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Appearing in "Oh Captains! My Captains!"

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Synopsis for "Oh Captains! My Captains!"

Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain America (Sam Wilson), and U.S. Agent have Superior captive after their confrontation at NORAD,[1] with U.S. Agent interrogating her and her accomplice Speed Demon collaborating with the heroes, as he is no longer under mind control. Winter Soldier and The Campus Captain America of the Captains Network protect Captain Jeremy Merrick and his daughter; Hate-Monger has vowed to kill Merrick for being a guard over the imprisoned entity.

Superior gives up coordinates to a location in the Channel Islands and Superior manages to escape from custody. The three heroes in the bunker head out. When the Caps and U.S.Agent arrive at a derelict lighthouse, bombs go off, incapacitating them and allowing them to be captured.

Merrick deduces that his compatriots are in trouble and he and Winter Soldier head out to save them but while they are in transit, Hate-Monger reveals that his strategy has been to masquerade as a divisive talk show host who will slander the name of Captain America to discourage the American public and make them cease believing in what he represents. Commander Julia Krieger uses her mesmerism on Steve Rogers to give him a taste of the nightmarish thoughts that they will project into the minds of all Americans.

When Winter Soldier arrives to save them, he is in his Captain America costume and flanked by 13 members of the Captains Network. They make short work of the villains immediately before a broadcast is set to go out that would have demoralized the public. Instead, Captain America of the Railways gives a short speech assuring the American people that the Captains will continue to support and defend the country.

Weeks later, Rogers visits the Smithsonian Institution museum and is recognized by a little boy who identifies him as Captain America, he responds that everyone their is as well.

Solicit Synopsis

After the shield thieves free a deadly villain, Bucky Barnes teams up with an air force intelligence officer who might know how to recapture the villain, while John, Sam and Steve give pursuit. When his allies run into trouble, Bucky is forced to face his complicated feelings about taking up the Captain America mantle again. The Captains Network bands together in one last epic battle to keep the shield from being used for nefarious purposes. Don't miss the pulse-pounding finale of this groundbreaking miniseries!

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