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Universal Inhuman Court
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Novahala, Planet Centauri-IV; formerly Attilan, Earth
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The Universal Inhuman Court was a ruling council consisting of the rulers of the four colonies of non-human Inhumans that survived the Kree's purge of their Inhuman experiments. They traveled to the Earth's Moon where Earth's Inhumans lived, and the Court's members became the brides of the Inhuman king Black Bolt.[1][2]

When Thanos invaded Earth, resulting in Black Bolt in destroying the Inhuman city of Attilan[3], the Universal Inhuman Court and their subjects chose to leave Earth and find a new place to live. They eventually established the city of Novahala as their new home on the continent of Akuunos on the planet Centauri-IV. Akkunos became their last resort because none of the species that compose the Universal Inhumans were accepted back in their respective homeworlds.[4]

When the Kree Empire began ordering all surviving Inhumans to join it or perish, the Universal Inhumans arranged a secret meeting on an unnamed planet to discuss the situation. Before the Inhuman Royal Family arrived, the Inhuman Court were considering surrendering to the Kree. However, the Kree arrived, including the Kree's new Inhuman soldier, Vox. Vox killed the Court and their attendants, to send a message to Black Bolt that he wasn't safe.[5]

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