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The Universal Neural Teleportation Network is an intergalactic system of constructed wormholes called Jump Points that enables fast travel across the universe by linking between different predetermined locations in the universe.[1][2]


The creator of the Universal Neural Teleportation Network is unknown, but it has been in common use by members of the Kree Empire since at least the mid-1990s.[2]

To arrive on planet C-53 to rescue Vers, the Kree Starforce used a Universal Neural Teleportation Network, but their closest Jump Point was 22 hours away. Later, after seemingly losing the Tesseract, Yon-Rogg called in Ronan and his Accusers. Using the Universal Neural Teleportation Network, the Accusers' ships arrived in Earth Orbit before retreating after a confrontation with Captain Marvel.[2]

While trying to escape the Sovereign fleet, the Guardians of the Galaxy travelled through a Jump Point to the planet Berhert.[1]

After freeing themselves from imprisonment by the mutinous Ravagers, Rocket, Groot, Yondu, and Kraglin used the Universal Neural Teleportation Network to arrive at Ego and save their friends. However, to arrive at Ego, the crew travelled through 700 Jump Points, severely risking their health.[1]

The Avengers later used the Network to travel from Earth to the Garden to confront Thanos after he snapped away half of the universe.[3]


  • According to Yondu, it's not healthy for mammalian body structures to endure more than 50 jumps at a time.[1]

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