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Quote1 We, of the Kree race, have power so much greater than yours that it must seem like virtual magic to you. Even this one simple weapon I hold--it has the potential to create and destroy all physical matter--as I may will it! Quote2
Ronan the Accuser[src]


Universal Weapon from Infinity Vol 1 4

The Universal Weapon is capable of various effects such as energy blasts,[3] force fields,[4] flight,[5] and changing the structure of matter.[6] It is made of an extremely hard material.[citation needed] A fail-safe measure shocks unauthorized users.[citation needed]

Universal Weapons were used by Public Accusers to enforce Kree Law.[citation needed]

Reed Richards stated that the best Universal Weapon design he ever discovered was on the third planet of the Kygnari System, in the Negative Zone.[2]

Janet Stein built her own Universal Weapon, which was designed with a flaw; a common error in engineering that allowed "a non-user to interfere with its logic tree..." (Reed Richards used that flaw against the Steins, but his explanation was cut by a fed-up Janet).[2]

After the Kree Accusers' demise at the hands of Black Bolt,[7] the weapon would fall into obscurity until it was bestowed upon Captain Marvel at the behest of Alliance leader Emperor Hulkling during the Empyre war.[8] Even going so far as to make a earthborn Accuser Corps to aid in the conflict,[9] in the midst of said battle, reaching into its aftermath. She rescinded the weapon later, giving it to her half-sister Lauri-Ell.[10]

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