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Universal X-Alliance

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Universal X-Alliance
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Alliance-X, X-Alliance, X-Men


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Galactic Alliance of various species' mutants

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The Universal X-Alliance is an interplanetary alliance which includes Skrulls, Kree, and Shi'ar and is based in X-World. Mutants of countless worlds and alien species who are based on X-World serve as its peacekeeping force.[1]


A century ago after Apocalypse was finally defeated, Xavier led the Skrull Mutants of Cadre K into space. Cadre K fought for the cause of justice and peace across the cosmos, becoming a respected and honorable force for good. An interplanetary force that was the first altruistic one, introducing law and mercy to numerous worlds.

Cadre K prevented many natural cosmic disasters and were successful in bringing about practical and fair resolutions to a half dozen interstellar conflicts. Eventually they neutralized the threat that Galactus posed to the cosmos by devising for him an energy supplement that was self-replicating. They then established a central base for the Universal X-Alliance, which became a haven and home for all outcasts, from throughout the cosmos. A world known as X-World.[1]


Transportation: Angel-class Star-Ranger

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