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Quote1.png You had a son... that's what you wanted... you didn't want Mom... and you didn't want me. Quote2.png
Venom (May Parker)

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Synopsis for "Spidey"

The NYPD plans on taking down the Church of Immortus because they are causing massive panic in people. Marshall Muldoon states that instead of going immediately for Immortus, they should focus their efforts on Spiders Man, since he can create illusions that would prevent them from accomplishing their goals against the Church.

Spider-Man, now on the force and a team player, volunteers to take care of Spiders Man alone, and when he isn't heard from, his daughter, May, goes to look for him. She finds him stuck in one of Spiders Man's illusions, and tries just about everything she can to pull him out of it, including beating on Spiders Man, (who only cries without moving). She finally gets the idea to bond with her father through her symbiote (which is both the carnage and venom symbiotes reunited).

As they bond, she finds herself in her Spiders Man's illusion, which is a version of New York where none of the mutations happened. She goes looking for her father and stumbles upon Spiders Man, who in the illusion has no mutation and therefore no power over the illusion he's currently casting. May learns that it's her father who is in control, and continues to search for him.

May finds her father hanging out with Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn, and Mary Jane Watson (who was her mother before she died). Only, in this illusion, Captain George Stacy never died, which led to the arrest of Norman Osborn, and in turn saved Gwen's life (since the Green Goblin didn't throw her off the bridge). All of this resulted in Peter and Gwen getting married as well as Harry and MJ ending up together. As she's learning all of this, Peter is interpreting May as a threat, and is chasing her out of their house and fighting her in New York, with May trying to convince him that this 'reality' he has created isn't real the entire time.

Peter gives turns a corner, and Spider-Man turns back towards her. She assumes it's her father back in his webs, but is surprised when he takes off his mask and he's Ben Parker, son of Peter and Gwen. It's then that she realizes that this whole illusion is about him still being in love with Gwen, and that he never really wanted her mother or her (or so she thinks). The unbearable sadness of this causes her to break her bond with him, kicking her out of the illusion. She's so angry and upset about it she starts beating on Spiders Man again, who somehow comes out of the illusion as well.

Peter comes to his senses and realizes how he hurt her shutting down the illusion on his own, and stopping her from beating Spiders Man senseless. As he's apologizing to May and explaining why everything happened, she's forgiving him, and together they ask Spiders Man to leave the Church and join their cause.


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