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The UCWF was founded by a promoter named Edward Garner, after a wrestler who he managed was banned from several existing professional wrestling organizations because he possessed superhuman strength. The UCWF is organized into "weight divisions"... not based on the wrestler's body weight, but on how much tonnage they can lift. The lowest division (for those with the strength to lift (press) two to ten tons) was phased out early in the Federation's history as not being "spectacular" enough.[2]

Numerous superhuman individuals have fought in the UCWF at one time or another, including both those recognized as superheroes and supervillains. Prominent members have included the Thing, Justice (then known as Marvel Boy), and Demolition Man.[3] The ranks of the UCWF have also included mutants, aliens, members of the Eternals (like Ikaris) and the Deviants, and many of the other varieties of super-strong beings from throughout the universe.[4][5]

By far the most common participants, however, have been those who have undergone the strength-augmenting treatment of the Power Broker, Inc., a quasi-legal corporation run by Curtiss Jackson that uses the fruits of the many mad scientists populating the Earth. The process is somewhat risky, however, and many wind up deformed or with severe health problems as a result. Also, the Power Broker organization is not without its corruption; at times, they not only augment their clients, but inject them with highly addictive drugs in order to control them. As a result, many of the Unlimited Class wrestlers also find themselves moonlighting as supervillains.[6]


In Captain America #316, an UCWF poster mentions several of their fighters, including Ramrod. There are several characters named Ramrod in the Marvel Universe, and it is unclear which of these was in the UCWF, or even if it was a different one.

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