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Uno was a disembodied mutant eye who was recruited by Zeitgeist to join his group the X-Cellent. He was sent with the others to the residence of Micky Holloran in order to find Katie Sawyer who was Holloran's girlfriend. Uno used his "Evil Eye" to levitate Holloran in mid-air as Hurt John threatened him by having Uno liquefy his skeleton if he didn't arrange another meeting with Katie.

Uno and Katie Sawyer

The next day Uno and the X-Cellent attacked once again as Uno blasted a hole through Micky's wall. As they approached Katie, Dead Girl appeared and tried to motivate Katie to teleport Micky and herself out of there to seek medical attention. But Uno and the others were able to disable Dead Girl while taking an unconscious Katie along with them.

Back at their Death Valley headquarters, Uno seemed unimpressed by Sawyer and mentioned that there were other teleporters out there that were just as good or better. But Zeitgeist was only interested in U-Go Girl's daughter. Once Katie awoke and found herself bound to a chair, Cluney tried to convince her to join them as they were in need of a teleporter who could reassemble the body of Venus Dee Milo. Refusing to aid them, Katie was tortured by Cluney until X-Statix arrived on the scene to intervene.

Uno firing on X-Statix

Uno fired an optic blast in X-Statix direction knocking everyone off balance. But The A used his acidic sweat as a buffer in order to block Uno's shot. As the X-Cellent got the upper hand during the fight, Katie was released from her constraints and teleported X-Statix out of there before Uno and the others could do inflict more damage.[1]

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