No much is known about the aliens known only as the "Unseen". They appeared on Earth in 1954 and made a pact with a communist nation to attack capitalist nations and turn them into slave states. It is unknown what the Unseen stood to gain from this arrangement. They claimed to their communist benefactors that to see the Unseen would mean death. The Unseen first attacked the United States, sending their flying saucers to set fires across the American mid-west, displacing many of the population. The communist nation sent one of their operatives into the US to oversee the operation.[1]

When the Sub-Mariner and Namora led a fleet of Atlantean aero-subs to help combat the flames, the communist agent convinced the local authorities that Namor was responsible and he was soon arrested. Namora freed him and they managed to fight off the invasion and capture the communist agent while causing one of the UFOs to crash into the nearby ocean. Namor and Namora then recovered the corpse of one of the Unseen from the alien ship. Seeing the alien creature the communist spy confessed to the whole plot and died as a result of seeing the Unseen. However, Namor, Namora, and the authorities were unaffected.[1]


Level of Technology: Highly advanced, they had flying saucers that apparently could travel interplanetary distances. They were armed with devices that could cause massive wild fires.


The claim that to gaze upon any of the Unseen would mean death, appears to be false. Namor, Namora and the authorities who looked at the captured corpse were not affected in a way similar to the communist spy. It seems more likely that the Unseen merely tricked their benefactors into believing this and that it was fear that killed the communist operative working with them.

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