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Synopsis for 1st story

At the Pym Residence, Nadia wakes up to a phone ringing, but with her own mobile turned off, she follows the ringing sound to a late 90s phone. With hearing Jarvis leaving a message, Nadia answers and her remarks on old style landlines fatigues Jarvis quite swiftly. He calls to direct her to open the front door for him, and he reminds her to be ready to meet Janet's lawyer friend. However, as Nadia brings up her new G.I.R.L. initiative, she procrastinates visiting the lawyer to another day as she's dead-set on finding young women overlooked in the scientific community; despite Jarvis's reminder that she needs to gain her citizenship legally.

Remembering her only lab-mate, Ying, Nadia wants to change the world and plans to start in New York. As she gets changed, Jarvis finds her newly crafted mobile charger/taser and mistakenly starts a small fire while she explains how male dominated organizations and figures always determined the "geniuses", most times simply looking for younger versions of themselves. With Jarvis in agreement and Nadia finally dressed, Jarvis agrees to help her find recruits in exchange for seeing the immigration lawyer the next day; she promises and the depart.

In Washington Heights, Nadia meets sisters Alexis Miranda and Taina Miranda, as the latter chastises her older sister on breaking a scrap-parts robot she made. After Nadia introduces herself, Taina shows Nadia around her lab before Nadia explains her G.I.R.L. initiative, with plans to also recruit Lunella Lafayette, Moon Girl. With the promise of using Hank Pym's resources, Taina agrees to join and asks if Nadia recruited Moon Girl beforehand; Nadia quietly panics, but states Lunella is her next stop.

Hurrying over to the Lafayette Family Apartment, Nadia meets Luna outside who just wants them to leave as she is exhausted after her own recent events. Their talk is abruptly sidelined by the appearance of a 50 foot tall rat, leading to Luna learning Nadia's superhero identity and the pair teaming up. Distracting the rat, Nadia is swallowed and finds a familiar glowing ring in its throat, questioning how it was eaten by the rat too. As Luna shoots a powder rocket, the rat sneezes out Nadia and the ring, returning to normal size after covering the girls in snot.

Explaining that the ring she found was hers made back in the Red Room which uses Pym Particles. As it is remote activated, she adjusts the receiver to turn it into a locator to find the agent who used it. Although warned that she's walking into a trap, Nadia wants a trap hoping to capture whomever tried to capture her. Finding the agent, Nadia pursues to corner them in a back alley dead end, and finds her target is Ying, her friend from the Red Room.

Solicit Synopsis

• Nadia is on a mission to bring together the brightest Girl Geniuses of the Marvel Universe and change the world, but first, she has to figure out how to find them and get them to join her.

• With her chaperone Jarvis by her side, her first recruiting mission is going to take her to Washington Heights in search of one of the greatest young engineering minds of our no one has even heard of.

• Guest-starring Lunella Lafayette, The Miraculous Moon Girl!

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