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Synopsis for 1st story

As Nadia is shocked to see Ying outside the Red Room, Ying apologizes as Mother sent her knowing Nadia would have difficulty killing a friend. As Ying expects a swift death, Nadia instead hugs her in glee and explains how she planned on returning to free her. As Ying tries explaining her situation, Nadia explains how they're both the smartest duo together, but a defeated Ying triggers other rings in other animals that cause a distraction for her to escape. Impressed by Devil Dinosaur subduing a giant raccoon, Nadia and Moon Girl compare their respective origins as the raccoon returns to normal size. Later, Nadia goes to a phone store in Midtown to get a new phone and meets Amber; the two bonding over a talk on how they admire Nikola Tesla once Nadia sees a tattoo of the teleforce on Amber's arm. After a lengthy but short talk, Edwin Jarvis returns with the car as Nadia and Amber part as great acquaintances hoping to meet again.

On the drive, Janet calls Nadia to ask why she stood up Matt Murdock for her immigration case, but Nadia's explanation reminds her of Hank, forcing Janet to assert severity in her voice. Nadia promises to go the following day, with Janet threatening Jarvis to ensure he takes her without fail. Arriving in Brownsville, Brooklyn later on, a small explosion leads them to their next recruit, Shay Smith, who Nadia saves and immediately joins. As Jarvis waits for Shay's father to return home, Shay brings Nadia to her room to inspect her prototype teleporter for faults. Shay explains how her mother's moved out of state for work and her dad's long work hours, she grew increasingly depressed and had an epiphany to make a teleporter to see both whenever. When her father returns, he's pleased to learn about Shay's joining Nadia's G.I.R.L. program, embarrassing Shay while praising her.

In Times Square, Nadia visits her last recruit, Priya Aggarwal, at the Aggarwal family shop, and overhears Priya talking with a pair of schoolmates. Once Priya sees the loitering Nadia, the latter whispers about knowing her research on plant gene splicing. Priya forces Nadia out of the shop and then refuses her invitation, especially after her mother grounds her from a party after leaving the store unattended just to talk with Nadia. Priya explains how her brother was also brilliant but lonely, and she is trying to garner friends at school however she can. With her parents being immigrants, Priya believes they'd force her into taking an opportunity if there'd be financial gain, so all she wants is a mundane personal life free of adventure. However, upon returning to the store, Marian "Poundcakes" Pouncy is extorting protection money from Priya's mother.

Solicit Synopsis


• Nadia’s quest to create a super-science lab full of girl geniuses is hitting a lot of bumps in the road.

• And now The Red Room is after her and they’ll stop at nothing to get her back. Nothing is too low!

• The title says she’s unstoppable, but can even Nadia recruit a science lab when she is caught between an evil science organization and a super villain?

• Guest-starring: Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur and with a special appearance by the original Wasp — Janet Van Dyne!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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