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Fifteen minutes ago, after Nadia said her goodbyes and left to confront 'Mother', Jarvis escorted the girls back inside as they devise a strategy to non-lethally defuse the bomb in her head. Not able to contribute to their efforts, Matt Murdock goes out for a walk. As Nadia nears the rendezvous, Tai has an epiphany to replicate the Vision's phase shifting, to which Shay finds applicable gloves made from false skin in one of Dr. Hank Pym's boxes. With a walk-in freezer of samples made from the same material as Vision's skin, they apply the synthetic skin, link Tai's wheel chair as a power source, and ready to extract the bomb. Nadia is greeted by a clearly dying Mother, who is thankful Natasha didn't hear about the science division when destroying the Black Widow program as it was after her time. But as the science class is all that remains with no oversight, Mother aims to "recruit" new members and has a capture squad ready to take Nadia's friends.

With the gloves ready, Shay wears them and successfully tests them on Jarvis before going to Ying. While Nadia is furious at Mother's treachery, Mother demands Nadia wear one of the yellow rings to irritate her Pym Particles and paralyze herself lest Mother detonate the bomb in Ying's skull. As Tai walks Shay through the extraction, they successfully remove the bomb and message Nadia just in time. Once Shay tosses the bomb away, she unknowingly sends it to the capture squad and they proceed to retaliate by shooting into the house. While Mother scoffs at Nadia's 'victory' over her, Nadia uses a contained EMP to takedown Mother through the flooring of the roof, shutting down her vital organs and cybernetic additions. Nadia thanks Mother for giving her the ability to appreciate what she now has in her public life, and gets to ground level to meet Lexi Miranda to return to her house.

Back at the Pym Residence, the shooting stops before Tai recognizes the tire screeching of Lexi's car bringing Nadia home. As Nadia attacks and subdues members of the Red Room capture unit, Daredevil arrives to help fight the men to allow Nadia to check on her friends and hugs them. As Nadia is initially happy to see Ying free of the bomb, and starts to believe she can make a life for herself, Ying suffers a nosebleed and faints. Holding her oldest friend in her arms, Nadia yells for someone to call a doctor as she begs Ying stays alive.

Solicit Synopsis

• This is it! The clock is ticking and both Nadia and Ying’s lives are in the balance.

• Can the geniuses of G.I.R.L. come up with a way to outsmart the Red Room, or will Nadia’s adventure be cut short as she’s forced to go back to the bunker?

• The conclusion of our first story comes to a head. You can’t miss this!

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