Quote1 Ever since I escaped, I've said I wanted to make the most of my life. But when I had my first... experience with bipolar, you asked me what I like to do, and Janet made me swear off science and super hero stuff. And I realized, when I say I'm making up for lost time, I'm actually doing things for other people, and it's made me think about me. Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? And, this is gonna sound silly, but I feel like I'm growing. You know, becoming my own full person. And sure, that's a person who naively believes the best in everyone, but I like that about me. Yeah, that's a person with bipolar disorder, but that doesn't define me. And I think I'm going to stop worrying so much about saving the world all at once and commit myself to doing the things that are important to me. Quote2
-- Nadia Van Dyne

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It’s the final showdown between G.I.R.L. and A.I.M., and only one team of super-scientists can come out on top! But what dark secret do the agents of A.I.M. know about Nadia’s past? And once it comes to light, will anything ever be the same again?

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