Quote1 See, Liz? I told you Parker's a loser! He's probably going home to keep his test tubes company! Quote2
-- Flash Thompson

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Peter and his friends are present at the trial of Dr. Octopus. Under the pretense of verifying the authenticity of the evidence (his mechanical arms), Doc Ock knocks out two police officers and breaks out of the window to freedom.

Deeply disturbed that he had to let Dr. Octopus get away (in order to protect his secret identity), Peter is lost in thought as he enters the Daily Bugle. He walks past J. Jonah Jameson and Betty Brant, ignoring them. Jameson then sends Peter to cover a school fund-raiser.

At the block party, Peter runs into Flash's father, Sgt. Thompson, his Aunt, and his friends. Liz asks him to join them, which irritates Flash, but Peter refuses.

As Spider-Man, Peter tracks Doc Ock to a supply warehouse, where the villain knocks him out cold. After he regains consciousness, Spidey evades two security guards and leaves.

Back at Midtown High School, Flash urges his friends to come to the block party, where they can give J. Jonah Jameson a piece of their mind about his vendetta against Spider-Man.

Aunt May runs into Octavius, and invites him to dinner. When Peter arrives once more at the block party, she tells him the news, and he quickly ducks out and changes into his costume.

Spidey finds his arch-foe in the ramshackle Acme warehouse where he confronted the man who killed his uncle. Doc Ock has built a remote-controlled flying bomb, which he plans to use to gain control of New York City. Although Doctor Octopus activates the device, sending it into the air with an attached helicopter blade, he and Spidey continue to battle aboard the deadly device. Doc Ock lands a stray blow on the blade support, sending the two and the bomb into the water below. Spider-Man hands Doctor Octopus over to Sgt. Thompson.

Solicit Synopsis

The late, lamented Doctor Octopus makes his untold tales debut!

  • On the lam from the law, Otto Octavius lays low in Peter Parker's Forest Hills neighborhood!

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