The Unwanted

Unwanted (Earth-616) from Ravencroft Vol 1 3 001
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The Unwanted
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Joseph, Numerous unnamed mutant Vampires
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Failed Weapon Plus experiments on Vampires
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Defecting from Nazi Germany, Baron Blood and Count Dracula contracted Weapon Plus to develop a means of rendering vampires immune to their traditional weaknesses. Commandeering Ravencroft Institute, Professor Thorton and his colleagues began conducting unethical experiments on the inmates, ostensibly to create super-soldiers for the war effort; intimidating the asylum's founder, Dr. Jonas Ravencroft, into letting them do as they wished.

However, Weapon Plus' experiments proved to be failures and the test subjects mutated into grotesque vampiric monstrosities dubbed the "Unwanted" by the researchers. Fed up with his institute having been turned into a laboratory for mad scientists, Dr. Ravencroft unleashed the Unwanted on the Weapon Plus personnel before committing suicide. Through unknown means, the Unwanted were rounded up and locked in a seemingly empty vault in Ravencroft's basement.[1] Coming under the leadership of Lt. William "Bud" Adams,[2] over the decades they formed a partnership with Maggia crime-lord Wilson Fisk, who used them to dispose of bodies.[3]

Decades later, the Unwanted attacked Misty Knight, Man-Wolf, Mister Fantastic, and Fisk when the group ventured into their vault, before retreating to their lair underneath the institute.[4] As the institute was being rebuilt, the Unwanted summoned Fisk to their cell via hypnotic suggestion, Adams demanding that he run the institute as a proper mental hospital and threatening to expose what he had done as the Kingpin to the public if he refused. When Fisk refused, Adams hypnotized him into opening the vault door and had him brutally beaten.[3] Over the next several weeks, the Unwanted - now free to roam the institute - spied on the guards and inmates from the ventilation system, taking an interest in John Jameson.[2]

Fisk eventually tried to subdue the Unwanted by sending in a strike force consisting of villains and armed men. Adams tricked Fisk's forces by having an Unwanted telepath named Joseph trick them into attacking telepathically-generated illusions while the Unwanted launched an invasion of Ravencroft from the institute's hidden basement.[5]


Weapons: The Unwanted possessed an assortment of claws, fangs, wings, tentacles, and other appendages.

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