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Quote1.png We both covet things we don't have, the difference between us, of course... is that I have almost everything anyone could possibly want. Including you. While you have nothing, Odinson. Not even your own name. Quote2.png
The Collector

Appearing in "The Thief of Asgard"

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Synopsis for "The Thief of Asgard"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• The Realm of Old Asgard has vanished, taking with it Odinson’s hope for redemption.

• But good tidings from Beta Ray Bill might breathe new life into the quest. For Bill knows the fate of the Realm Eternal.

• To win back Odinson’s honor, the brothers in arms must infiltrate the fortress of THE COLLECTOR.


  • As noted by Thor with exactitude, the beginning of this issue takes place nine months, three weeks, four days and seven hours after Original Sin #8.

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