Uovu was a Dark God that became the object of worship in the Kenyan village of Uzuri, notably filling the void left by Ororo Munroe after she moved to the United States. His worshippers were violent, and over the years they killed those that refused to denounce Ororo. One of their vicitms was Ororo's foster mother Ainet Mwangi.[1] The bodies of these people were stored in a secret catacomb below the village, ready to be reanimated under Uovu's command.[2]

As soon as she learned of Ainet's death, Ororo returned to Uzuri and found out about Uovu. Feeling suspicious of this new religion, Ororo requested to meet with Uovo. Despite his hospitality, Ororo sensed Uovu's darkness and summoned Stormcaster to her side. As part of his plan to draw Ororo to his cause, Uovu resurrected her parents.[1] Ororo remained skeptical, and she investigated further until discovering the catacombs. When she confronted Uovu about the desecration of the bodies of the villages, he reanimated and turned them into a mindless army to attack her.[2] Before returning to Ororo, the Stormcaster sought the X-Men and teleported them to Uzuri. They subdued the undead army and rescued the villagers, causing Uovu's power to wane. In the end, Storm used all of the hammer's power to cast a lightning bolt which destroyed Uovu.[3]


  • Necromancy: Uovu's most powerful ability is probably his necromancy, he was able to resurrect and control almost a hundred people. [3]
  • Superhuman Strength: Even at his base level Uovu displays levels of superhuman strength, when empowered by the faith of his followers his strength is further augmented.
  • Superhuman Durability: Even without being empower by his believers Uovu is tough enough to survive multiple blows and lighting strikes from a Stormcaster empowered Storm. When empowered he was completely unharmed by Storm's lightning attacks. [2]

Strength level



  • Power Loss: Ouvu needs faith to enhance his physical abilities, if his followers are brought too far from him or incapacitated his powers will revert to their base level.

  • Uovu's name translates to "Evil" in Swahili, a fact which Ororo pointed out to Hiari.

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