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The Uranians are a race of highly intelligent non-humanoid creatures that live in a hive form on the planet Uranus. Millions of years ago they came into contact with rogue members of the Eternals a genetic offshoot of humanity who were exiled from the planet Earth. The Uranians allowed the Eternals to live on their world, however as prisoners in a domed planet. The Eternals were allowed to carry on their lives, the only condition being that they could not leave their domed ecosystem on Uranus.[1] The Uranians were highly lenient in this regard, allowing the Eternals to take in the Earth humans Matthew and Robert Grayson in the 1930s. By the 1950s, the adult Robert was sent to Earth to be the Eternals' emissary on Earth as Marvel Boy and became a hero of both worlds.[2] The Uranians also apparently allowed for the occasional Eternal to leave their domed prison, although this may have been fiction as many of Marvel Boy's early adventures were fictionalized into comic books published by Timely Comics.[3] Ultimately, the Uranian Eternals began planning to create a Uranian embassy on Earth, and this apparently was enough for the Uranians to believe that the pact was violate and began exterminating the Uranian Eternals, unwittingly unleashing the Eternal duplicate of Marvel Boy, Thelius, who later menaced Earth in the modern era as the Crusader.[4] However, during the Eternal eradication, the true Marvel Boy received a distress signal and rushed back to Uranus, learning the true origins of his adopted people. Upon arrival on Uranus he found the Eternals exterminated and the Uranians offered Marvel Boy the opportunity to be genetically altered to be part Uranian and live in their hive mass. Marvel Boy agreed and underwent the experiment to bond with the Uranian gestalt.[1] However in modern times Marvel Boy was contacted by his old Earth comrade Gorilla-Men of the group known as the G-Men to return to Earth and save the life of their old team leader Jimmy Woo. Marvel Boy left the Uranian hive mind to save his friend even though this would prevent him from ever rebonding with it ever again.[5][6]


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