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Quote1.png You killed half the universe, boy. Fifty percent? What a lack of commitment. Do something or don’t do it. Quote2.png


Uranos, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago.[2][3] He believed the Eternals would best fulfil their duties if they exterminated both the Deviants and Humans on Earth, all life outside the universe and imprison the Celestials, but his brothers Kronos and Oceanus disagreed, plunging the Eternals into a civil war.[4][1]

The war was ended by the betrayal of the eternal Druig, with the war lost Uranos's followers created a patchwork clone of him, who they treated as the real one and followed into space to begin a colony on the planet Uranus, leaving the original Uranos to be captured by his brothers. He was forced to protect his own mind-scape against the Eternals for a century before he became the first of the Eternals to be imprisoned within the Exclusion because of the failsafe he imposed upon the Machine.[1]

He existed there for over half a million years untouched by the later shifts of Eternal Society never being killed or resurrected even during events like Sprite's infamy or the mass suicide of the Eternals.[1]

When his great-nephew Thanos became Prime Eternal, he visited his great-uncle in the exclusion, on Druig's suggestion. Uranos told Thanos his story. Seeing potential in Thanos, Uranos decided to gift him his imprint-key to his armories, giving Thanos the ability to destroy the Machine.[1]



Uranos is considered one of the most powerful of the Eternals. He is shown using the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes and release an energy blast from his chest that was able to obliterate most of Lemuria.[1]



Uranos has access to an arsenal of presumably Celestial-designed weapons said to be powerful enough to destroy the Machine.[1]


  • He gained his unique features from his actions; his hands were stained blue following his genocide of Lemuria while the cracks in his face came from resisting the physical and mental torture by his peers trying to strip the failsafe from him.[1] Presumably were he to be successfully resurrected these traits would disappear.

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