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Quote1 Hmph. My own people have forgotten me. These mutants made Mars habitable in a day…but to destroy is always easier. A human takes nine months to make another breathe. A human can crush a windpipe in seconds. You will see what Uranos the Undying can do with an hour. Quote2

Uranos is one of the three Patriarchs, the greatest Earth Eternals who originally ruled them, each with their own Dynasty. Vexed by the Eternals' third principle to correct excess deviation, he proposed a final solution: Eliminate all non-Eternal life. Kronos and Oceanus opposed him, and at the end of Uranite Schism, he was imprisoned in the Exclusion.[2] He is the first Eternal to ever be excluded.[3]

As Uranos has set up a failsafe that his death or his mind being wiped would result in the destruction of the Earth, the Eternals are forced to keep him locked up.[2] However, he can be unleashed temporary for an hour at the request of the Prime Eternal, or those the Prime Eternal has granted access to, as a living weapon of mass destruction.[4][5]



Uranos, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago.[6][3] He believed the Eternals would best fulfil their duties to serve their creators if they exterminated both the Deviants and humans on Earth, all other life in the universe and imprisoned the Celestials, to ensure their safety. His brothers Kronos and Oceanus disagreed, plunging the Eternals into a civil war.[7][2]

The war was ended by the betrayal of the Eternal Druig, Uranos' own grandson. With the war lost Uranos' followers created a patchwork clone of him, who they treated as the real Uranos and followed into space to begin a colony on the planet Uranus, leaving the original Uranos to be captured by his brothers. He was forced to protect his own mind-scape against the Eternals for a century before he became the first of the Eternals to be imprisoned within the Exclusion because of the failsafe he imposed upon the Machine, which would destroy the Earth.[2]

He existed there for over half a million years, untouched by the later shifts of Eternal society, never being killed or resurrected even during events like Sprite's infamy or the mass suicide of the Eternals.[2]

When his great-nephew Thanos became Prime Eternal, he visited his great-uncle in the Exclusion on Druig's suggestion. Uranos told Thanos his story. Seeing potential in Thanos, Uranos decided to gift him the imprint-key to his armories, giving Thanos the ability to destroy the Machine (and Earth).[2]

Judgment Day[]

After Druig usurped Thanos as Prime Eternal and discovered that mutants are very similar to Deviants,[8] he attempted to exterminate them by obliterating the mutant island Krakoa. To his surprise, he was stopped by the Eternals' second principle to protect the Machine so he sought Uranos' aid.[9]

Uranos (Earth-616) from X-Men Red Vol 2 5 001

Arriving at Arakko

While the other Eternals under Druig's command launched an attack on Krakoa, Druig freed Uranos for a single hour to wreck havoc on Krakoa's sister nation, Arakko.[4] Uranos unleashed his machines on the red planet, confronted both Legion and the Great Ring of Arakko, and left victorious. Unfortunately, he did not check if he had truly killed the Great Ring and most of them survived the encounter, even Magneto whose heart was ripped out.[10]

While back in the Exclusion, Druig unleashed him once again to prevent himself from losing the title of Prime Eternal. However, Uranos decided to ravage the Earth instead. Iron Man went to Arakko and delivered Magneto and Storm to Uranos. As they unleashed their rage on Uranos, Iron Man hacked his machines and turned them against him.[11] Although Uranos was defeated, he was not killed because his death would destroy the Machine, and ergo Earth.[2] He was imprisoned again but was given Druig as a cellmate, whom he happily used as a toy. Meanwhile, Storm was given the key to unleash Uranos for an hour by Zuras as an apology for Druig's actions as the Prime Eternal.[5][12]

Genesis War[]

After Genesis returned to Arakko and reprimanded the Great Ring for its failures against Uranos, she attempted to take back control but was opposed by Storm and her supporters.[13] The Night Seats had been safeguarding the trigger to unleash Uranos and Syzya of the Smoke went to retrieve it. The Eternals had designed the trigger so that it could only be pulled with full understanding of what it would mean: total genocide. The trigger also allowed Uranos to communicate with the person holding it. Unwilling to pull the trigger herself, Syzya passed it to Storm, who refused to use it. When Jon Ironfire told Storm that she was not strong enough to do it, she destroyed the trigger to prevent its use.[14]



Eternal Physiology: As a Patriarch, Uranos is one of the most powerful Eternals.[2] He is far more powerful than most Omega-level mutants.[10] His potential release was treated as a win condition during the Genesis War, and Storm, despite losing the war at the time, refused to use him because she was worried of the genocide he would have commited to the opposing Genesis' army.[14] Uranos and Legion are equals.[1]

  • Flight: Uranos can fly at great speeds.[10][1]
  • Energy Projection: Uranos can fire energy beams from his eyes.[2][10] His beams appear to have a petrifying effect.[2] His optic blasts reduced Xilo's body mass by 86.5%.[10] He can also fire energy from his hands.[1]
  • Matter Manipulation: Uranos turned Deviants into stone and dust.[2]
  • Immense Durability: Uranos withstood Cable's Omega-One Pulse Rifle.[10] Also, he endured direct attacks from Magneto and Storm for several minutes straight without suffering any major damage.[11] He is apparently immune to Ora Serrata's power.[10]
  • Immense Strength: Uranos freed himself from Magneto's metallic bind and ripped out his heart.[10]
  • Telepathy: As a trait common to Eternals in general, Uranos has some level of telepathy.[1][11]
  • Virtual Immortality: As an Eternal, Uranos is virtually immortal and has lived for 1 million years.[2]


Apparently tap dancing and guitar.[1]



Uranos (Earth-616) from Legion of X Vol 1 6 001
Uranos keeps an armory of weapons and killing machines at the heart of the Earth that he could unleash anywhere, as long as he is out of the Exclusion.[10][11] They can destroy the Machine that is Earth and Uranos had set it up so that mindwiping or killing him will destroy the Machine (and the planet Earth).[2] 0.003% of it was enough to kill 11,553 Arakkii mutants in just 30 seconds. When combined with Uranos himself, Isca the Unbeaten felt that Arakko had no chance of winning, so she switched sides.[10] Uranos' weapons can overcome his own durability.[11]




  • He gained his unique features from his actions; his hands were stained blue following his genocide of Lemuria while the cracks in his face came from resisting the physical and mental torture by his peers trying to strip the failsafe from him.[2] Presumably were he to be successfully resurrected these traits would disappear.


  • Uranos is Thanos' granduncle, as Thanos is the grandson of Uranos' brother Kronos; however, Thanos considers Uranos to be his honorary grandfather.[2][15]

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